The Rézoléo

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  • "Breaking Internet since 1992"

    Who we are

    The Rézoléo is the association that manages the internet connexion at the Résidence Léonard de Vinci. Its members are Centrale volunteer students. Though it was for a long time linked to Centrale Lille, the Rézoléo became independant in 2017, and is since then an official internet service provider. The association provides numerous services to the Centrale Lille students, and numerous courses for its members.

    Rules of procedure

    Read our rules of procedure


    Every occupants can have an internet access. The price of that acces is 8€ a month and 80€ a year. Paiements can be made in cash, checks, bank transfer or card. During your registration, a mail will be sent to you, to initialize your Re20 account, with which you will be able to access informations regarding your subscription.

    Our services

    Rézoléo's numerous services.

    Web hosting.

    Whether it is a personal website, a website for an association, for a student body list or a student project, the Rézoléo offers free web hosting for Centrale Lille Students.

    Television via Internet

    You can watch television in the Résidence directly from your computer linked to Internet.

    Training courses

    The Rézoléo offers numerous training courses open to all, throughout the year, on numerous subjects, such as : an introduction to Linux, Git, Unity.

    Computer repair

    If you have computer problems, stop by our premises, we will diagnose your problem for free.

    The mailings-lists

    For the comm' to work well, we offer to associations the ability to create and manager their own mailing-list, which allows them to create a public e-mail address for a groupe of people. To create a mailing-list in, please send us a mail stating the name of the new mailling and the adresse mail of its administrator.

    The poly

    Whatever service you're looking for, it is documented on the poly.

    Join us!

    Our meetings take place every thursday at 18h30 in our premises.

    Find us

    Our premises are opened every Mondays and Fridays from 6pm to 8pm. During hollidays, these permanences won't be covered.